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How to get nudes? Step by step guide by professional

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You might know me from my previous blog named “I spent 200 hours on dating sites and here what I found” but I’ll tell you about myself once more. This article made such a resonance that I even made a community on FB, try to join, don’t be a sucker. Overall, I’m an ordinary guy who is the legend of dating platforms, at least I consider myself like that.

What did I do?

After my previous experience, I decided to concentrate on some other topics. Visiting such platforms as Mirrorname, Mirrorname, Mirrorname and Mirrorname I wanted to research an important topic for all men’s community: How to get nudes? Of course, only for scientific purposes, although now my gallery looks like this:

Do you want the same? Read and learn by hard!

Additionally, I saw how much my friends were paying for nudes on different sites. I realized that I was destined to create a guide on how to get them. It’s right here, and if you do everything right, you can get them for free. I hope, will be useful for the same jerks as I 😅 So, let’s split it into 5 steps to understand clearly.

The Guide itself

Step 1. Find the right women and make them trust you

The first step is always to find a woman who is confident enough. Usually you can feel it in the first 10 minutes of chatting as she starts to respond to your signs of attention. 
Who are the possible victims?😈 To be fair It’s often the latinas who will fall for your charisma more often than anybody else. Why? Nobody knows, but the fact is like that. 
The second important point is to make them trust you: speak calmly and be patient, try to conquer her attention and be gentle.

Here are my real messages from women on Mirrorname: These phrases from her are massive REDLINES in your chat. 
Most of such girls have just broken up with their boyfriends and want some attention. In most cases, no matter how hard I tried afterwards, I failed, it all came down to a normal boring dialog. Never waste your time for it if your goals are sexting and nudes.

These examples will be, obviously for you, the SUCCESSFUL ONES. 

Your Master (me) did get some nudes in those chats 😜. It happened on Mirrorname, where I managed to meet really beautiful girls who turned out to be really hot and horny. These were the best chats of all I had in a research. They were open, naughty enough and, most of all, ready for everything. Remembering them with pleasure, especially for my hands 😉

Step 2. Listen carefully what she says and use your creativity

Have you ever thought about how human’s psychology works?  What I’m getting at.. Remember in what case you’ve done all the crazy things in your life. In the majority of cases the most important thing is to feel comfortable. I discovered that women work absolutely the same: if she feels comfortable she’ll probably bite on it. 
Passing this step you have to be extremely attentive to catch all the hints she’s giving to you. It should be clear, but when a girl mentions she’s recently been shopping for new underwear or heading for a shower, it means that she’s in a good mood and ready for something and probably you will reach success. 
Shall you ask directly to get the photo? Don’t be retards, LOL, use your creativity. Here are my phrases which resulted in nudes:

And then this chat continued for almost an hour, sitting in a bathroom.

One more beautiful example happened on Mirrorname also in the evening. She asked to wait because she had to step away for a few minutes. The only thing I asked was: “Should I expect something?” This is one more interesting technique I discovered for myself: to make her think about something without telling it to her. And this thought will stay in her head for a long time, very likely that it will work.

Step 3. Leave her no room for disagreeing with your words

The main point for me here is to understand how a woman’s brain works. What do I mean? Sending nudes is nerve-racking for every woman. She may be nervous about your negative assessment or any flaws you may notice. 
What I did: made women think that they are perfect, just some simple compliments helped them to feel more confident and  wanted. LMAO how simple they are after all🤣

Here I got the 5 best-response phrases I used in this situation:

  1. I must say, you’re so gorgeous.. Turning my mind 
  2. It’s impossible to resist writing to you
  3. You’re just striking
  4. You’re making me excited just with your look
  5. I identify yourself as beauty

In most of these cases, continuing to bombard them with such words, I achieved what I wanted. Here are just some examples what it resulted in:

Step 4. Use phrases that will turn her on

So, according to previous steps, our imaginative woman is already acting horny, feeling horny and confident enough. The only right way to continue this dialog is to initiate sexting. I’d compare it with a pyramid building: now you’re almost on the top of it, the only thing to do is to finish what you have started. When engaging in sexting and mutually arousing each other, the girl understands that she can level up the intensity by sharing a hot photo. Сongratulations, you’re on target. 

Here are some examples how I did it: 

And here are what it resulted in:

Step 5. Gather the results

If you did all correctly – now she’s already turned up and ready for everything. In most cases I managed to even surpass my goal and switch to virt, like it happened to me on Mirrorname:

Jackpot, you have reached your goal! But…

Don’t make my mistakes

I’ve created this chapter for you not to fail like I did in many cases. As it turned out, it is quite easy to do and I lost a lot of potential nudes like that. But true Master learns from his mistakes☝🏻

  1. Don’t act like like a cocky twat: you have to clearly understand what confidence is and what arrogance is and keep a clear, though thin, line between them
  2. Quite an obvious one, but don’t use these ban words: sending messages like: “You have a nice 🍑” is no longer popular and can can push a woman away from talking to you.
  3. Don’t be intrusive: It’s always better to wait a little bit than to ruin everything at the final stage. 

Now, I think you’re ready for some serious feats, soldier.

Where to use these tips?

Of course, I will not let you without naming a place where to try yourself. You can use the one platform of my list at the beginning:

  • Mirrorname,
  • Mirrorname, 
  • Mirrorname, 
  • Mirrorname

or you can also try your best on

  • Mirrorname 
  • Mirrorname.

Remember, no matter where you try, what really matters is how you are trying.

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