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I spent 200 hours on dating sites and here what I found 

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Who am I?

I’m Tony, a true professional, The icon of dating sites and just a regular guy who decided to conduct an unusual experiment. Still, don’t know why and for what, but it was fun for me and can be useful for you. The goal of this research was to dive deeper in the sphere of online dating and find out what is happening there at the moment.

What did I do?

During a month I visited about 30 dating sites. The main task was to:  

  • Register at these platforms
  • Check out if you can be screwed there
  • Try to hook up with someone. 

In the end I have added 3 best sites for you after these 200 hours of wild research.

What have I come up with?

I’ve created a short  guide giving any dating enthusiasts answers to these 3 questions:  

  • How to dodge scammers and survive among them on dating sites?
  • Who usually hangs out on these platforms?
  • How the heck can you find a woman for flirt, one-night stand or relations?

Let’s dive deeper into the issue!

List of sites I’ve researched which turned out to be safe

Most of you will skip this part, but I have to add it to create the illusion of some scientific work🤣
There are a lot of different variants along the Internet, as it turned out. Here is how I gathered them all: 

  • basic search, 
  • blogs, 
  • forums 
  • social media. 

Now all the adverts in my Google are about dating and online sites for it, but nothing is too much trouble for you. You’re free to enter any of them now, but first


Registration on a dating site – first thing to pay attention to

Let’s imagine: you’ve clicked on the link and now you’re on the first screen.
Usually trusted dating sites register you immediately and do not allow you to surf without it. 
Cunning bastards xD

On the majority of typical websites, I discovered that registration involves providing an email, setting a password, and specifying your preferences.Not separately, but all together. Yeah, cool platforms do really care about you 😅. Often it is a small quiz that helps you to onboard quickly and without any problems. If there is none of this kind and it is just asked for your data on the first screen – pay attention to the first warning sign you have.

When I visited  Mirrorname I found out one of it-kind. This is the first point you need to pay attention to: it shows if the user is valued on the platform.

Some sites might sell your data – what for?

Personal information is the thing, which is very valuable to various fraudsters. How can they use it: (These are just quick examples that came to my mind)

  • Spam mailing
  • Scam phoning
  • Financial fraud
  • Fake accounts, created with your data

That is why I find security and privacy  one of the most important issues that should be of concern to anyone entering the online dating sphere.

Let’s find out the example which I had during this research. You can see my email inbox before I signed in with it on one scam site and what I had in 10 minutes.

I will not name it because as usual some retards will not read the article and register there. 

The only thing I can answer to them, I HAVE THE ONE ALREADY, IT DOESN’T WORK. 

So, be really careful of whom you trust your personal information to, better use platforms given in this blog as they are widely tested by me and I can guarantee the safety there. 
You’ve registered, Time to move on!

How to make sure the site is worthy and non-scam?

As soon as you registered it is still not a time for matches because you still don’t know if the users are real and this is not a scam site, though your inbox is clear.

What did I do? Analyzed the users’ profiles. If there are a lot of perfect profiles – most likely these are bots or scammers.

Remember, soldiers, there is no perfect woman, the same thing with profiles.

Your master Tony

What is a verification?

Let’s look at an example. Here is a profile I’ve found on  Mirrorname: do you see something important? Yes, there is a small tick which means that the user you’re looking at passed the verification using its passport or some other documents.

Accordingly, the probability of some Latin guy chatting with you beyond the screen to take your money is almost 0. But still, you never know who can tempt you🤣🤣

Good support on dating sites is your must-have

People are usually paying more money for a good service, and dating platforms are not an exception. Good and fast support is one more indicator of a reliable site. 
The thing is that scammers can be on every platform, so it is important to have effective support, who can handle situations and quickly resolve problems. 

Imagine being scammed, understanding it, but have nothing to do with it. 
Hopefully, I haven’t ever been in such a situation because I was lucky enough to have good support on Mirrorname. 
Respect to them, they banned the idiot who was terribly annoying trying to get at least some money from me pretty fast.

I didn’t even have enough time to write to that idiot that he’s an idiot, lol

By the way, an important note about links: be suspicious of them from the start. If you decide to click on it – at list copy it and check on some service for it’s checking.

There are no more obvious ways to check the site or users, at least I didn’t find any other things to rely on, but usually for me it was pretty enough to understand clearly where I am and who am I talking to. 

How to find a woman who will satisfy you?

This is the question I tried to answer my whole life. Think I succeed?  You can easily understand that I’m single by the amount of time I have at least for this research.😄
But after talking to 356 women I found out that they can actually be subdivided into groups by their behavior.

3 types of women I found on dating sites

So, to start, after 200 hours on dating sites, I defined the 3 categories of women I met most often.

First one – Daredevils. This is the most popular type of women on dating sites, to be honest, and I call them like that because they literally are ready for everything: Nudes? – No problem. Virt? – Why not, let’s go, honey.

Most likely that you will get what you want, whatever the wishes are. I had some really great nights chatting with such women and still feel the satisfaction.

From my research, sites with many of them are: Mirrorname, Mirrorname and Mirrorname.

Next group – The Queens. These girls are the ones who want to rule the chat and be dominant. You literally feel it while speaking.

Sounds bad, isn’t it? But the thing is that conquering such girls is even more satisfying, at least for me, than chatting with Daredevils.. It is like winning the Goliath being David. 
Definitely, they are even more horny and tempting than the first ones.

The last –  Shy princesses. I call them like that because at first they are not ready for everything. You have to warm them up slowly and be patient. I find it enjoyable at some point.

BUT. I found out that these girls are literally Pandora’s box. Once they feel comfortable with you, they become the dirtiest whores with appropriate wishes. It is like a long game where you get a great present at the end. 

Intrigued? If I were you, I’d really want to start chatting after these descriptions. But first we have to know how to understand whether the girl you are talking to is real. 

I will share my tried-and-tested methods that I can highlight to help you:

Red flags for profiles on dating sites

1. You can find her photo somewhere else: You can use tools like Google Image Search to check if a person’s photos appear elsewhere on the internet. If you find the same images on multiple unrelated sites, it could be a sign of a fake profile.

Take a look at this profile: I don’t want to show off too much, but I realized it was a fake at first sight. 

The thing is that this photo was way too perfect, which is what confused me. If we check it with Google – voila, got ya ass bustard!🤙🤙 After that you can confidently report this profile to support.

2. Quick declarations of love or requests for money: This is a common tactic used by scammers. If someone you’ve just met online starts making grand gestures of affection or asks for money, be cautious.

This “girl” asked me for some financial help after the first 6 messages. DUDE, WHAT ARE YOU PAID FOR? If I were him I would definitely scam you more professionally.

3. Straight forward nudes: For example, if she’s spamming in chat with her nudes, most likely that on the other side is not the one in the photo, but an ordinary latin guy, who’s already thinking how to make a fool of you.

By the way, if you’re interested in receiving nudes – I have one more blog for you. Your master shares there an experience of how to get them.

Here is what I got as soon as I started a chat with one girl not long time ago. I was kinda surprised because it was the first time I saw this mechanic made like that. 
Usually it was just some random messages spam, but it is a new lvl, bravo to scammers xD

4. Don’t trust from the first words: even if everything is OK, be careful in chats, because it can still be the scammers. Try asking some questions about the info in her profile, if she is real – she will answer quickly and clearly.

5. AI and bots beyond beautiful photos: Here are the examples of how I did it: Just write something meaningless as “Woof-woof”.

If it is AI chatting it will definitely fail to answer not like a robot. The same situation is with cunning latinos beyond the screen: they will try answering following the script. 
These are the basic tricks and lies among dating platforms which I came across. Hope you will not find some more because I don’t want to write one more blog about it 😅

And now, here it comes, finally. I’ll tell you where to look for girls and how to look for them.

Filters? Basic filters – suck

Many platforms allow you to use filters and find the one you’ll really like. And these filters vary from very simple, like country, age, to some unusual ones like hair color, temperament or body shape. It is a basic practice on most of the platforms, you can find them on Mirrorname, Mirrorname, Mirrorname or even on Mirrorname. 

But I’ve mentioned a new trend which I will describe ahead.

Sites by goals is a new meta

Your preferences may differ not only in women’s appearance, but also in the goals. And there are a lot of sites specified exactly for a particular aim.
Very useful, I must admit.

  • My sites for sexting
    During my research I’ve found Mirrorname and Mirrorname that are specified exactly for sexting and, to be honest, I kinda liked it. Even now I have 2 women who I chat with there.
    Fun fact:you can send emoji, stickers and gifts on both of the sites but Mirrorname has Vibrostickers. When you send it to your chat mate, her phone vibrates to the style of emoji🤣
  • My sites to start Relationships 
    A vivid example of this would be Mirrorname. Here I met my online girlfriend…

    That’s the main advantage of online dating – the possibility of your different chat-mates getting to know each other is minimal, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they also have a few hot young [Latin] guys in reserve😄.
  • My top sites for chats in case you are that bored 
    There are also sites with a more basic format. I call them unpredictable sites. The best example of such would be mirrorname and mirrorname. I can’t say that is for me, but some guys really enjoy it.

    That’s why it’s really important to know what you want, because the platform differs from that. That’s why you shouldn’t jump right into dating sites without first talking to yourself.

My top 3 Dating Sites worth trying

If you ask me to recommend the best dating platform for latinos I’ve found, I will not have the answer for you. It is quite a complicated task because there are many good in their own way. But I can try to create a list of 3 best in my opinion.

Why these 3?

There are plenty of factors that shape my opinion: 

  • These platform are checked by me lots of times and here I felt free
  • There are a lot of verified users that is why these platforms are trusted 
  • Your information is safe here, at least I didn’t have any issues
  • It is payed a lot of attention to your preferences
  • Support teams work here 24/7 and are really fast

# 3 Mirrorname – heaven for dirty chatters
It’s the best platform to fulfill your dirty desires, users here are very hot and very proactive, without any doubts, you can get whatever you want there. 

# 2 Mirrorname – good one for a start
I would recommend it for the ones who are just beginning online dating. It’s quite simple to use, and the atmosphere is friendly haha I don’t know how to describe it in any other way. Try by yourself, you’ll understand.

# 1 Mirrorname – my absolute TOP
It is a must-have platform for those who are looking for some “healthy” talks. What I mean, users here act like in reality, without any unpredictable emotions or actions. 

I met no prejudices here, even using stupid account… 

Here is a screen of MINE LOL.

Finally, finish and some sum up’s bla-bla-bla

In this blog I tried to mention all the tips I learnt by myself after my 200-hour on dating sites. Ultimately, this world is full of opportunities, but it also requires us, the true wankers, to be cautious. 

  • Prioritizing safety, 
  • Understanding your preferences 
  • Selecting the right platform 

These are key steps toward a successful online dating experience. Thanks for reading till the end.

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